10 Reasons To Be A Member

  1. Networking and new business contacts to help your business grow.
  2. You are making a statement that you are committed to the future of Newton and Newton County.
  3. You are able to participate in the decisions that will affect your community’s future.
  4. Promotion of your business with our assistance with grand openings, receptions, business
    referrals, a mailing list for sales promotions, your business’ link on our webpage, brochure displays in the Chamber office, and opportunities for exclusive event sponsorships, recognition, and publicity.
  5. Learning opportunities and educational seminars to help you and your employees be better informed.
  6. You are supporting a better quality of life for all our citizens by helping Newton County retain the existing job base and attract new jobs.
  7. Chamber member-only referrals that increase your bottom line.
  8. Publicity, name recognition and networking opportunities so customers know who you are.
  9. Be the first to know, concerning the local economy, community events, and industry and business announcements.
  10. You are supporting the local economic development organization devoted to creating and maintaining a strong local economy.